About The Team

Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

   Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced architects who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.




The man behind Siddeshwar Constructions vision has carved a niche for perfection in the past 23 years. He is known for finding innovative solutions to technical challenges and for his sensitivity to projects with community concerns and special client needs. He is responsible for the structural design and construction documentation for many of Siddeshwar Constructions major public and private projects and continues to provide hands-on service to his clients while leading a creative team of engineers who specialize in designing innovative and cost-effective structures.


                 Satheesh Babu R (Chief Civil Engineer)                         Architect

                Abu Sheriff (GM- Projects )                                                    Sriraj 

                Sahil (Project Head)                                                                  Varsha 

              Sr. Engineers                                                                                   QS/ Billing 

              Gopal Rao, B.E.(Civil)                                                                Ancy C Baby

              Civil Engineer                                                                                Rakshitha P A

              Navamani S, B.E.(Civil)                                                             Madhura

              Civil Engineer                                                                                Marketing

             Site Engineers                                                                                Sudip S

             Mithun S, B.E.(Civil)                                                                    Purchase

             Shreyas V R, B.E.(Civil)                                                              Jithendra 

            Supervisor                                                                                        Finance

             Manjunath                                                                                     Nalinakshi C M